Monday, October 6, 2008

Come Around Again

As requested here is Tony Lucca's new album. I just love all his music and this is another great one! Thanks to Davy for sending it to me!

1. Foxy Jane
2. Time and Time Again
3. Close Enough
4. Givin' It All Away
5. Water Under the Bridge
6. Come Around Again
7. Melancholy Collar
8. Father Time
9. Pretty Things
10. Maybe We
11. Wild Country

Comment if you download.
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Rebecca Rose said...

Thanks Jon - I would not call him a cutie based on the CD photo but his songs are interesting with catchy lyrics.

jvpinrichardson said...

Thanks for this one. I really like his music.

Anonymous said...

What do his looks have to do with ANYTHING? (By the way, Tony is hot.)

Anyway... thanks for the upload!

Ireanna said...

I'm trying to download this but everytime I try it just keeps bringing me back to the first page :(

nerd-herd said...
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nerd-herd said...

could you reupload the album please? i can't find it anywhere..thanx a lot.