Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Achin' & Shakin'

This week, Laura Bell Bundy released her new country album! OMG... I'm a HUGE fan of Laura Bell Bundy, and this album really gave me EVERYTHING that I LOVE about her. Most people know her as the star of "Legally Blonde: The Musical," on broadway, but I'm glad she's ready to re-enter into the country music industry! Any fan of country or Laura Bell should deff. try this album out! It's AMAZING! Enjoy!

1. Drop On By
2. Curse the Bed
3. Cigarette
4. Please
5. Homecoming Queen
6. When it All Goes South
7. Giddy On Up
8. I'm Not Good (For Ya Baby)
9. Rebound
10. Boyfriend
11. If You Want My Love
12. Everybody
13. Giddy On Up (Extended Vocal Remix)


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JES said...

Glad to know someone else likes LBB! lol. I bought this at Wal*Mart and love it! haha.

T. D. said...

Am interested to see how this new album differs in style from her last. Just from the promo, it seems to be "updated" country...

Joe/Tom said...

She also has a remix song on the dance charts too

Bingle said...

Thank you! I've loved her since she was in Wicked wayyyy back when & was so excited to hear her last album. i didn't even know she had a new one! <3<3333