Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 1 of Filming.

Hey! I just got home from my first day of filming! It was AWESOME! I was on Camera in both scenes we did. They gave me extra stuff to do in them because they liked my look.

Ryan Hansis and Michael Cupon were wicked nice and I chatted with them about local bars and stuff haha.

I was also just sitting there and talking to this girl who looked really familiar but I wasn't sure if she was who I thought she was...and then she laughed and I realized it was Katherine Bailess. Then Ryan Pinkston came and chilled. So I hung out with Michael, Ryan, Ryan and Katherine all day! it was awesome!

Guess who I get to shoot scenes with tomorrow....ROB HOFFMAN!! Eep!
They asked me to come and do scenes tomorrow and next Monday also and more to follow!


Jo Juan said...

nice experience... awesome

Xarrya said... jealous. I love Robert Hoffman.