Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 2 of Filming!

Just got in from Day 2 of filming. It wasn't as exciting as yesterday. We sat and waited for about 3 hours. BUT The actors hung out with us.
Mike (Michael Copon) brought his dog and he and a few of us played with the dog for a little bit. His girlfriend was there as well, Cassie Scerbo who was in Bring It On With Him.

Ryan Pinkston hung out with us a little bit but was really busy. We also hung out with two of the guys from Status Quo of America's Best Dance crew.

However the nicest guy of all was Ryan Hansen. Everyone had left and I was still waiting for my ride when he came out side and introduced himself to me and asked me my name (we didn't get to exchange names yesterday because of the schedules) and then I told him how I was still pissed that Veronica Mars was canceled and he goes "FUCK MAN I KNOW!! However, I just signed on to a new Rob Thomas show last week. And it's NOT Cupid or Good Behavior. I'm not really allowed to say anything about it yet!" He was so awesome. Then when I was leaving he was like "Will you be around on set?" and I said "yeah!" and he said "AWESOME! I'll see you Monday!"

The cast is AWESOME! I got a picture with all of them. They are on another extra's camera so when she sends me them I will post them!

In the scene today I'm dressed like a punk who is too cool for life lol and i'm in the park laying against a tree with my high class girlfriend and then Mike's character Brad rides by on his bike.

Rob Hoffman was NOT in the scenes today so he wasn't on set. Hopefully I will get to see him on Monday.

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