Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Countdown to Rascal Flatts: Unstoppable!"

Today is day 4 in the "Countdown to Rascal Flatts: Unstoppable!" Today, I bring you their 4th full-length album, "Me & My Gang." Enjoy!

P.S. This is the last post before I post "Unstoppable." Tomorrow I will post their 5th album & "Unstoppable," TOMORROW!!! Don't miss out!!!

1. Stand
2. What Hurts the Most
3. Backwards
4. I Feel Bad
5. My Wish
6. Pieces
7. Yes I Do
8. To Make Her Love Me
9. Words I Couldn't Say
10. Me and My Gang
11. Cool Thing
12. Ellsworth
13. He Ain't the Leavin' Kind

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