Saturday, April 4, 2009

Departure: Recharged

Tuesday Jesse McCartney re-releases his Departure album. Here is the special JonWire edition of it! Enjoy!

1. Intro
2. Leavin
3. Its Over
4. Rock You (Feat. Sean Garrett)
5. How Do You Sleep
6. Into Ya
7. Makeup
8. My Baby
9. Told You So
10. Relapse
11. Runnin'
12. Freaky
13. Not Your Enemy
14. Think About It
15. Oxygen
16. Crash & Burn
17. Body Language
18. In My Veins
19. Sunshine
20. Bleeding Love
21. How Do You Sleep (Rhythmic Remix Feat. Ludacris)
22. De toi à Moi

Comment if you download.
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Thonie said...

hey ya cool site, could you please upload your own deluxe edition of jesse mccartney´s departure album again because the link is broken. thank you

Anonymous said...

hiii !
can you please reupload this ? when i finished dling it, the mp3s didnt work. i really want this version.
please reupload. thank you so muchh !
also i was wondering if you have any dreamstreet albums? i posted up the request on the tagboard. (;
please reupload. thank youuu ! ;D