Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kiss & Tell

Selen Gomez and The Scene's album is Fun Pop music. It's a really great debut album. I love Selena so I was really looking forward to this album and I was not dissapointed! Enjoy!

1. Kiss & Tell
2. I Won't Apologize
3. Falling Down
4. I Promise You
5. Crush
6. Naturally
7. The Way I Loved You
8. More
9. As a Blonde
10. I Don't Miss You at All
11. Stop and Erase
12. I Got U
13. Tell Me Something I Don't Know (New Version)

Comment if you download.
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ajbuddy said...

thank you soo much!

Devin said...

It's actually not a bad album. I like the first half of the songs better than the last half. Her singing is getting a lot better!