Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love Drunk

Boys Like Girls are set to release their sophomore album next week. My brother was able to listen to the album over a month ago and he told me that it's an Okay album but it's NOT a Boys Like Girls album. It's PURE POP. Well, Enjoy!

1. Heart Heart Heartbreak
2. Love Drunk
3. She's Got A Boyfriend Now
4. Two Is Better Than One (Featuring Taylor Swift)
5. Contagious
6. Real Thing
7. Someone Like You
8. The Shot Heard Round The World
9. The First One
10. Chemicals Colllide
11. Go
12. Love Drunk (Acoustic)
13. Love Drunk (Mark Hoppus Remix)

Comment if you download.
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Carlos said...

I was waiting for this all week. Thanks!

Hayden said...

Thanks! Any JonWire exclusives you could get through your "connection" with the band? ha ha like demos and whatnot. That would be pretty cool. :)

T-ster said...


Iyong said...

thank you :)