Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Updates from JT

Hey guys! As you all know, Jons' computer crashed about a week ago, or a little over a week. There have also been slow updates. I am currently sick, and have been ordered to stay in bed for the time being, which is why I haven't been updating much as music has been coming out. With Jon gone for the time being, it's also impossible for me to update as much as we do when Jon is here, and we're working together.

For the next few days, I will not be here to update, as I have stated before that I'm currently sick, and I will focus on resting and getting better over the next few days. Thanks, and believe me, when I'm back, it'll be one update after the other.



Katie said...

Feel better JT!

kelkane said...

Take Care!

Rebecca Rose said...

I hope you feel better soon JT

Kerstin said...

Wish you a speedy recovery!!!

Jessika said...

If you guys need another helping hand at any point...I'd be happy to pitch in!