Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Like You!

Here it is guys! The debut album from American Idol 8 favorite, Allison Iraheta. This is a pretty solid album. Her single "Friday I'll Be Over You," was released a while ago, and I love the song, but after hearing this album, I thought that it was one of the weaker songs. Any of the other songs could have made a better first single. Anyway, here it is guys, JUST LIKE YOU! Enjoy!

1. Friday I'll Be Over U
2. Robot Love
3. Just Like You
4. Don't Waste the Pretty
5. Scars
6. Pieces
7. D Is for Dangerous
8. Holiday
9. Still Breathing
10. Trouble Is
11. No One Else
12. Beat Me Up
13. You Don't Know Me


Comment if you download.
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Khine said...

Wow, excellent! I'll be sure to pick up my copy of the CD after work some time this week.
Thanks for the samples!

Geoffrey said...

Thanks, JT!

Strange Windy said...
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asher said...

*hugs you* thanks! ;D

squirreltales said...


T-ster said...


Anonymous said...

I cant access it. Its broken.

Soly said...

Can you please upload Allison's album again? I cant access it. Thanks!