Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Better Than Love

It's been YEARS since Jc Chasez was supposed to release his sophomore album "The Story Of Kate." Over these years we have had random leaks of songs from him. Some were from Kate and others were demo's for other artists. I have put together these demos into an album I titled "Better Than Love." Not all of these songs are serious, some are jokes, and most of all these are rough demos. Also these are the best quality versions of these songs available, some of which haven't been released wide and are exclusive. Enjoy!

1. Build Some Love
2. Bump
3. Come On Over
4. Better Than Love
5. Teenage Wildlife
6. Always
7. Until Yesterday
8. Drop The Ball
9. You Ruined Me
10. Tonight
11. If U C Kate
12. Why I Love You (feat. Gemini)
13. Don't Stop
14. La La Land


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snapshot_life said...

Just a heads up. Come On Over is NOT JC. It's a years old song by Marcos Hernandez.

I believe Why I Love You was also proven to not be JC.

TommyGirl said...

this is awesome! Thank you for sharing!