Monday, July 26, 2010

Updates: 7/26/2010

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I'm having a blast while I'm away on vacation with my best friend and family. I will uploading as much as I can in my spare time.

OK, so I'm glad that Jon addressed the whole "tagboard" situation in his last post. Regular visitors know that me and Jon are NOT together, and will NEVER be. We are friends who both work together on a professional level running this blog. I'm not gonna address the whole situation and what was said, etc. because it's all immature people who like to show off to get attention with their small and patethic lives.

OK, so anyway, now that that is cleared up, I will be uploading more stuff soon, and thanks to all the people who have our backs. You guys rock!



grinch said...

I wouldn't exactly leave it alone. Is there away you could find out who the people are. ( that have startred the chats in the tagboard, and that is why I suggested a forum, and we would have to register )

Lets just say somethingnlike this happens Dawn says it would be nice for Jon or JT to make an effort for something that a person would like. I am looking for the Michael Sarver cd that was released in July 27,2010.

I live in MIchigan and there is a best buy store, and I am going to ask my husband if we could stop there, and look for Michaels cd there. I am not going to make any promises with that cd, but if I do find it I would LOVE to share it with a few people on this board.

jaz said...

do you have the soundtrack of life as we know it?:-)