Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Camp Rock RETAIL!

It turns out that the Camp Rock soundtrack that I posted last week was a WebRip. People were also asking for me to re-upload...so here is a RETAIL rip! Enjoy!

1. "We Rock" - Full Cast
2. "Play My Music" - Connect Three
3. "Gotta Find You" - Shane
4. "Start the Party" - Barron
5. "Who Will I Be?" - Mitchie
6. "This Is Me" - Mitchie and Shane
7. "Hasta La Vista" - Barron, Sander, and Ella
8. "Here I Am" - Peggy
9. "Too Cool" - Tess
10. "Our Time Is Here" - Mitchie, Lola, Peggy, Tess, and Ella
11. "2 Stars" - Tess
12. "What It Takes" - Lola


Comment if you download.
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1 comment:

TommyGirl said...

I'm grabbing this. Thanks, as always, for sharing great music!