Monday, June 16, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Johnny and The Sprites!

You might think that this is a weird Album for me to be posting, however I love Johnny and the Sprites! I call this album an exclusive because I haven't seen it posted any where else and the album was released back in march. So I ripped it and uploaded it for you!

If you don't know what Johnny and The Sprites is, its a show on the Disney Channel with Broadways John Tartaglia and Puppetts. He does voices of some of the characters as well.

If you are a Disney fan, a broadway fan, or an Avenue Q fan you will love this album. If you liked Fraggle Rock this is also for you. "Johnny and the Sprites" features music from some of the theater world's most celebrated songwriters.

I love John's voice!

1. Johnny And The Sprites Theme
2. Welcome to Grotto's Grove
3. So Many Ways to Say "Hello"
4. A New Friend
5. What a Surprise!
6. It's Party Time
7. The Right Size
8. That's What Friends Do
9. Give It A Try
10. Heads Up!
11. Play With Me!
12. Time to Wake Up
13. The Tickle Troll
14. Feelin' "Grove"-y
15. Follow Me!
16. A Giant World
17. Muddle in the Puddle
18. There's Nobody Quite Like You
19. A Good Song

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alarson17 said...

Thank you! This is fantastic!

WK said...

Any chance of a reupload on the Johnny and the Sprites album? Zshare says the file has been deleted and I can't seem to find the album anywhere at a reasonable price.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, hope you can reupload J&S.. I really wanted it for my niece but I lived outside USA (I'm in Asia) and can't find the CD and I don't want to buy it on iTunes. I would really REALLY grateful :D