Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bionic (Deluxe Version)

This is the new comeback album from pop superstar Christina Aguilera. On this album, she picks up where she left off. The album is very futuristic and is very good! I'd recommend this album to any and ALL Christina Aguilera fans, or even just pop music fans! This is a pretty solid album! Enjoy!

1. Bionic
2. Not Myself Tonight
3. Woohoo
4. Elastic Love
5. Desnudate
6. Love & Glamour (Intro)
7. Glam
8. Prima Donna
9. Morning Dessert (Intro)
10. Sex For Breakfast
11. Lift Me Up
12. My Heart (Intro)
13. All I Need
14. I Am
15. You Lost Me
16. I Hate Boys
17. My Girls
18. Vanity
19. Monday Morning (Bonus Track)
20. Bobblehead (Bonus Track)
21. Birds Of Prey (Bonus Track)
22. Stronger Than Ever (Bonus Track)
23. I Am (Stripped) [Bonus Track]
24. Little Dreamer (Bonus Track)


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Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Thank you! Not to nitpick, but I did have a problem with Bionic. I can't extract it from the zip file. Just to let you know.

momo said...

taking. thank you

Anonymous said...

Downloading, thanks!
@fallinangelz21 I couldn't extract the first song either.

DonDon said...

Yeah, the Bionic mp3 is corrupted.

a wonderer said...

loves it. loves you.

benahben said...

Can we have a re-up of Bionic? preferbly from this rar file, thanks.

Michael said...

Tried to take it but, it said there was a problem with the file

TheEnglishist said...

Awesome, thanks!

TommyGirl said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I love Christina!