Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The American Mall

FINALLY! I had been searching for this since I got the screener of the movie. I even went out to buy it in stores yesterday and couldn't find it!
The American Mall is a TV Musical by MTV and the Team who brought you High School Musical. I loved it. A lot of the music is also AWESOME. Enjoy!

1. Every 10 Seconds - Joey & The Janitors
2. At The Mall - Mia, Penny, Ben, & Ally
3. Dreaming Wide Awake - Ally & Joey
4. Get Your Rock On - Joey & The Janitors
5. The New You - Madison
6. A Little Bit Of Heart Somewhere - Mia, Penny, Ben, & Ally
7. Survivor - Ally
8. Sorry's Not Enough - Ally & Joey
9. Clear - Ally & Joey
10. Don't Hold Back - The Cast

Comment if you download.
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Jill said...

downloading. thanks!

Lis said...

interesting. downloading! thanks (: