Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Cinderella Story

Today the soundtrack to Another Cinderella Story was released. I bought it and riped it for you guys! I love this album. It's great to get some new Drew Seeley music to hold us over until his album is finally released. Can't wait to see the movie!

1. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know - Selena Gomez
2. New Classic - Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez
3. Hurry Up & Save Me - Tiffany Giardina
4. Just That Girl - Drew Seeley
5. Bang A Drum - Selena Gomez
6. 1st Class Girl - Marcus Paulk, featuring Drew Seeley
7. Hold 4 You - Jane Lynch
8. Valentine’s Dance Tango - The Twins
9. No Average Angel - Tiffany Giardina
10. Don’t Be Shy - Small Change, featuring Lil’ JJ and Chani
11. X-Plain it to My Heart - Drew Seeley
12. New Classic (Live Performance)- Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez
13. Another Cinderella Story - Score Suite - Performed and written by John Paesano
14. New Classic (Acoustic Version)- Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez

Comment if you download.
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Lis said...

thanks for sharing! (: will download.

Laurel said...

SO GOOD! Thanks for sharing, Jon! You rock!

YANZ said...

Hi... file not found..???