Monday, June 1, 2009

Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Mussos' album was just released to iTunes, and while it's been uploading, I've been listenin' to it. It's a pretty decent debut album. Enjoy!

1. Hey
2. Speed Dial
3. Us Against the World (feat. Katelyn Tarver)
4. Do It Up
5. Shout It (feat. Mason Musso)
6. Welcome to Hollywood
7. (You Didn't Have To) Walk Away
8. Get Out
9. How to Lose a Girl
10. The In Crowd
11. Odd Man Out
12. Movin' In
13. Stuck On You (Bonus Track)


Comment if you download.
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Adam said...

Thank you for posting
I Like this album :)

Anonymous said...

i love mitchel & have no money to go out & buyiy soo thanks sooo much!

Devin said...

The link doesn't work anymore! Would you please repost the songs? I really love Mitchel Musso's style of music =]