Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lee DeWyzes Pre-Idol Albums

Here are the two pre-idol albums from TOP20 contestant Lee DeWyze. "Sumberland," and "So I'm Told." I'm a fan of Lee, and I LOVE him on the show, so I was excited when I purchased these on iTunes and add them to my Lee DeWyze collection. Enjoy!

1. Mister G
2. Imagination
3. A Song I Wrote for You
4. Love and Misery
5. Dreaming Alone
6. Cast Away
7. Red Roses
8. The Problem Is You
9. Predicament
10. So I'm Told
11. All Right


1. So What Now
2. All Fall Down
3. Annabelle
4. Princess
5. Flower Child
6. Where You Lie
7. Stay
8. Another Sleep Song
9. Sweet Sweet
10. Goodnight


Comment if you download.
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Fernanda said...

Thanks soooo much, I love Lee's voice and I hope he's one of the finalists!

grinch said...


Kenny said...

Thank you!

Rissa said...

thank you soo much!

yumi said...

taking! :)

Judienne said...

Thanks a million!
I'm a big big fan of Lee :D

Louis J. said...

scumbag take down the free download links. you are stealing directly from the artist.

Kieu Anh said...

Oh common, at least he bought the song before posting it. Not everybody has the chance to access to these songs. He's just helping. Thanks u so much Jon-Wire

Joline said...

Thanks so much :)