Monday, September 15, 2008

Countdown to High School Musical 3! Week 3!

Today as part of the Countdown they released Stan Carrizosa, the winner of High School Musical Get in The Picture, single. The song will be in the credits of High School Musical 3 along with a music video for it. I really like this song and love Stan's voice!

Sept 2: Now Or Never
Sept 9: I Want It All
Sept 15: Can I Have This Dance iTunes Surprise release!
Sept 16: Just Getting Started By HSM: Get In The Picture Winner Stan Carrizosa
Sept 30: A Night To Remember
Oct 14: Right Here, Right Now

Comment if you download.


Lis said...

downloading "Just Getting Started" :)

thanks! this one's really a great blog. :) i will link you okay?

Lauren said...

Can I Have This Dance is gone. :[ But taking Just Getting Started; thanks!