Saturday, September 20, 2008

Don't Forget

A friend of mine found this album in stores early so I am proud to be the first to bring to you Demi's debut album! Enjoy!

1. La La Land
2. Get Back
3. Trainwreck
4. Party
5. On The Line (featuring the Jonas Brothers)
6. Don't Forget
7. Gonna Get Caught
8. Two Worlds Collide
9. The Middle
10. Until You're Mine
11. Believe In Me

Comment if you download.
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beE said...

Thanks so much for this!!! :D


Anonymous said...

Thanks a BUNCH for this Jon. I've been dying to hear Demi's stuff, and I'm so excited to go buy this on Tuesday.

Rebecca said...

Thank you Jon for posting this!


Lis said...

cool! yay! thanks! :)

JQ said...