Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Wait

Kristy Lee Cook was on the last season of American Idol. She was probably known as the weakest contestant. I wasn't really a fan, but I recently met her twice and she was super nice and then her vocals in concert improved SOO MUCH than on the show. Here is her debut album. Enjoy!

1. 15 Minutes Of Shame 3:03
2. Why Wait 3:17
3. Like My Mother Does 4:06
4. Hoping To Find 4:04
5. Baby Believe 4:20
6. Not Tonight 3:34
7. Plant The Seed 3:23
8. I Think Too Much 3:12
9. Homesick 3:28
10. God Bless The USA 3:31

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Rebecca Rose said...

Thanks for this. I wanted to hear what she came up with so quickly.

Lis said...

thanks for this one! :)

me said...


Jordan112 said...

re-up please
this link doesn't work