Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Battlefield (Deluxe Edition)

Today's just an Idol day! Here is another Idol album! Jordin's AMAZING sophomore Album!! The Deluxe Edition! Enjoy!

1. Walking On Snow
2. Battlefield
3. Don't Let It Go To Your Head
4. S.O.S (Let The Music Play)
5. It Takes More
6. Watch You Go
7. No Parade
8. Let It Rain
9. Emergency (911)
10. Was I The Only One
11. Faith
12. The Cure
13. Papercut
14. Postcard

Comment if you download.
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CloudClipper said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks!!!

Jasmine said...

thank youuu!!!!

passion said...

amazing album, thanks!

Fran said...

Thank you!

Bree said...

just rewatching some performances from SYTYCD and realized that I NEEDED this. thanks!