Wednesday, July 22, 2009


19 Year-Old Kristinia DeBarge is about to release her debut album, Exposed, on July 28th. Her single "Goodbye," has been on the charts since it's debut last March/early April. You may recognize Kristinia from the 2003 American Idol spin-off show "American Juniors." This is an AMAZING album! Enjoy!

1. Use Somebody
2. Future Love
3. Speak Up
4. Goodbye
5. Sabotage
6. Dies In Your Eyes
7. Powerless
8. Cried Me a Rive
9. Doesn't Everybody Want to Fall In Love
10. It's Gotta Be Love
11. Disconnect


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jose said...

thank you form the post
hugs from mexico

LonelyEyesOnly said...

Thanks a bunch

Thea said...

Thanks for this great album