Tuesday, July 14, 2009

High Hopes & Heartbreak

This is the debut POST-IDOL album from Season 7 contestant Brooke White. This was released on iTunes a week earlier than the physical hard copy that will be in stores. This is an AMAZING album, and I'm glad I snagged my copy! Enjoy!

1. Radio Radio
2. Hold Up My Heart
3. Out of the Ashes
4. Pheonix
5. When We Were One
6. Use Somebody
7. Smile
8. Little Bird
9. High Hopes & Heartbreak
10. Sometimes Love
11. California Song
12. Be Careful

Comment if you download.
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Court said...

thank you!

Ellen said...

thanks :)

Jasmine said...

thank you!!! i love brooke :)

Jennifer said...

She was one of my favorite contestants. Thank you so much!!!

Breno said...

Thanks man!
Brooke! <3

yumi said...

taking! :)