Monday, July 13, 2009

It's been a hot minute!

YOU GUYS ARE DOING GREAT! I'm just posting this again as a reminder that if you signed up for swagbucks to keep on using it! You're all doing awesome and it's helping with the blog!

If you didn't sign up last time do it now! It will give you points and the site is a lot of fun! It will also help me get iTunes cash to supply you all with downloads!

You get points just for searching and stuff. You can get so much for free. Me, I want to get iTunes gift cards for free to help out the blog. So if you people want to join the site and get free stuff click on the link below!

It will send you to the site to sign up as a referal from me and I will get some points from it! Which means more music coming your way! Even if you don't want to use the site if you just sign up i'll get points!


Search & Win

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