Saturday, July 11, 2009

Leave This Town

Today I bring you a RETAIL RIP of Daughtry's new album. It's HOT HOT HOT. I love it. Later this week we will bring you a post featuring all the Bonus tracks! Enjoy!

1.You Dont Belong
2.No Surprise
3.Every Time You Turn Around
4.Life After You
5.What I Meant to Say
6.Open Up Your Eyes
8.Ghost of Me
9.Learn My Lesson
11.Tennessee Line
12.Call Your Name

Comment if you download.
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CloudClipper said...

Awesome thanks! Contact me if you want a list of my music. More than happy to share what I have.

Erin said...

Downloading! Thank you SO MUCH!!

Rebecca Rose said...

Thanks -- I plan to buy this at Target tomorrow to support the artist. I am excited for your upcoming bonus tracks post for this one, too.
Thanks for all you do here.

yumi said...

thanks for this!

vainy said...

its a great album :) thanks for the upload

passion said...

thanks so much

Jasmine said...

thank you!!!!! i'm soo happy you put this up :)

Anonymous said...

Downloaded. Thanks!

Iyong said...

thank you :)