Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Kissed A Vampire

Today was the release of the Web Musical I Kissed A Vampire. The first episode premiered on iTunes and it was great. It stars High School Musical stars Lucas Grabeel and Drew Seeley. Thanks to Brent I bring you the soundtrack. Enjoy!

1. I Kissed A Vampire Theme - Frankie Blue
2. Don't Click - Adrian Slade
3. Outta My Head - Lucas Grabeel
4. So Cool - Frankie Blue
5. Forbidden Plante - Adrian Slade
6. Trey Arrives - Frankie Blue
7. Love's In Vein - Drew Seeley & Frankie Blue
8. See The Dark - Frankie Blue
9. You Should Come - Frankie Blue
10. Vampire Party - Frankie Blue
11. Just A Little Peck - Adrian Slade, Drew Seeley & Lucas Grabeel
12. Long, Long, Long Time - Frankie Blue
13. Happily Afterlife - Adrian Slade, Drew Seeley & Lucas Grabeel

Comment if you download.
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Hayden said...

Thank you!!! I can't wait to see this one!!

Isto é Música said...

Great blog! Great Post!

asher said...

thank you! ;D

asher said...
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