Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Heartbreak Radio," and "Never Let Go"

OK, so I know this is an artist a lot of people may or may not know. It's my cousin, Lauren de Miranda, and she gave me two new songs to post as a way to promote her music and everything. These are two songs that I co-wrote with her. They are called "Heartbreak Radio," and "Never Let Go." If you guys enjoy these two songs, and want more music from her, let me know, and I can upload some more music from her! Enjoy!

Heartbreak Radio
Never Let Go

Comment if you download.
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asher said...

thank you. i'll check this out! ;D

Daniella said...

uplloooaddd moreee PLEASEE <3 omgosh i love her!!! pleasepleaseplease ASAPPP!
im gunna learn tthese songs for competitions!!! <3