Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiana and Her Princess Friends

To celebrate their new Princess Disney has released this fun little Princess album. This album features songs by all your favorite Princesses. Also the version of Down in New Orleans on here is different than the version on the Princess and The Frog soundtrack. Enjoy!

1. Tiana - Almost There
2. Giselle - Happy Working Song
3. Ariel - Beyond My Wildest Dreams
4. Tiana - Down In New Orleans
5. Belle - I See A Princess
6. Snow White - Dare To Dream
7. Cinderella - I'm Happy
8. Mulan - Lesson Number One
9. Pocahontas - Where Do I Go From Here
10. Aurora - A Rose Is A Rose
11. Jasmine - Forget About Love


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Jaclyn said...

Awesome! Thank you for this~! Love the Disney princesses. ;)

Stre said...

Disney Princesses never get old aren't they :)