Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Animal (Bonus Track Edition)

Here is the HOT HOT HOT debut album by Ke$ha. I have included the bonus tracks on the download...every PLEASE check out this album its great! Enjoy!

1. Your Love Is My Drug
2. TiK ToK
3. Take It Off
4. Kiss N Tell
5. Stephen
6. Blah Blah Blah Featuring 3OH!3
7. Hungover
8. Party At A Rich Dude’s House
9. Backstabber
10. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
11. Dinosaur
12. Blind
13. Boots & Boys
14. Animal
15. V.I.P
16. Dirty Picture
17. Run Devil Run
18. Aliens Invading
19. Tik Tok (Wolfdelic Club Mix)


Comment if you download.
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Joe/Tom said...

Thank you-- I;m curious to hear if all the hype is true.

LACHELLE said...

whill u please get Mia Carruthers from MTV’s Taking the Stage has an EP out now on iTunes! Woohoo! Go Mia! here is the link

asher said...

gah! thank you so much for this in advance. (cause im gonna try and download it tomorrow on a faster computer)
im interested to hear her other stuff. ;D

Anonymous said...

well everyone is obessed with her it seems so I'll see what the big deal is about lol. thanks for uploading :)

squirreltales said...