Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fame (More Music from the Motion Picture)

The creators of the 2009 remake of "Fame," have released two new soundtrack albums. This one features more music that wasn't on the first soundtrack, mixed in with some dialog from the movie. This is a pretty decent album, just wish there were more tracks than dialog tracks. Enjoy!

1. Debbie Allen - This Year (Dialog)
2. Naturi Naughton - Fame (T Blade Hip-Hop Remix)
3. Asher Book & Kay Panabaker - Why Do You Keep Trying? (Diaglog)
4. Asher Book - Try (Radio Mix)
5. Anna Maria Parez De Tagle & Paul Iacono - The-Boyz-N-The-Hood (Dialog)
6. Anna Maria Parez De Tagle - I Want Candy
7. Charles S. Dutton - That’s Your Power (Dialog)
8. Naturi Naughton - Hold Your Dream (Acoustic)
9. Raney Shockne, J.T. Horenstein & Kristy Flores - Drum Beat Dance
10. Asher Book - Fly Me to the Moon
11. Paul Iacono - I Have an Idea (Dialog)
12. Pasadena Community College Gospel Choir - What a Mighty God We Serve
13. Kay Panabaker - Success Is Not (Dialog)
14. Asher Book - Gravity
15. Hailey Villaire - Habanera
16. Bebe Neuwirth - You Might Make a Wonderful Teacher (Dialog)
17. James Grundler - Dust
18. Paul Iacono - Everything I Ever Hoped For (Dialog)
19. Fame (Karaoke Instrumental Version)
20. Out Here On My Own (Karaoke Instrumental Version)
21. Patrick Censoplano - All That Jazz
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Devin said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The new Asher Book songs are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! The new version of Try is really cool, but Fly Me To The Moon and especially Gravity are just absolutely breathtaking... he has such a pure, amazing voice!

yumi said...

takin! thaaanks! :D

Iyong said...

good music from the motion picture, thank you :D

Igor Eden Renato Chumpitaz said...

The link is not working anymore... Please post it again!!! Pleaseee!