Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Everly is One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Galeotti & friend Amber Sweeney. Bethany's character on One Tree Hill is also a singer and every few episodes we get some new music from her, well They also get released on itunes so here are the ones we have so far. I purchased these so PLEASE thank me if you take them or post them somewhere else.

1. Home Is Me - You Are Mine
2. Stars
3. Little Children
4. Mrs. Scott
5. Scheming Star
6. Hotel Cafe (Original)
7. Karen's Cafe (Bonus Track for One Tree Hill)



1. Flying Machine
2. Girl In The Moon
3. We Belong


Monee said...

THANKS! I love Everly! Sorry I haven't replied before...been following for quite a while.

Gaspareau said...
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Angelica Louise said...

Do you have the last song that Haley sang in the latest episode of One Tree Hill?

Jennifer said...


Jaclyn said...

Awesome! Wow, thank you so much~! <3

Christine Becker said...

Thank you so much!! I always love when Bethany Joy sings on the show!

Daniel said...

I checked iTunes, and apparentley the new tracks are CLEAN LYRICS. Are there explicit versions?

Gene Marie said...

Everly is awesome! Rare where I find a female group I like!

Thanks for the blog!

TommyGirl said...

Thank you so much I love BJG's voice, so this is great.

gomikie said...

Thanks. Everly is a nice sound... wish they had more on One Tree Hill.

YANZ said...

Great! Thanks SOoooOO much! I love bethany joy galeotti on OTH, and i love her music =D