Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Introducing Scene 23

So I'm visiting the way back machine today. All morning I've been checking out old music. I found one of my favorite CDs! I remember the day my mom and I went to buy this. December 11th 2001. So long ago! Scene 23 was a group put together on Season 2 of Popstars here in the US. Josh Henderson seems to be the only one still involved in the business. This album is hot though. I only ripped the songs by the group themselves from the album, 2 of which were written by Jc Chasez ;) Enjoy!

1. He Said She Said
2. The Greatest
3. I Really Don't Think So
4. All This Love
5. What She Got
6. Another Night
7. Respect Me

Comment if you download.
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Devon said...

i freaking love this cd!

Megan said...

Aw too bad it's gone. My CD doesn't play anymore.

Anonymous said...

can you please re-upload? :) i would really appreciate it.