Friday, May 2, 2008

The Nashville Sessions

Drake Bell has recently released a new EP exclusively to I went and purchased the album as I am a huge Drake fan. It did not disappoint. Enjoy.

1. OK
2. Wrong Side Of The Sun
3. Out There
4. The Spin
5. Lonely
6. I4U

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DeeDee1Whoa said...

Well, thanks... But I didn't listened to it yet. Cool blog!

Fashion Ivy said...

Thanks. Gonna listen to it later.

Peace and love
Fashion Iv

xtrustisalie said...

Thanks Jon. I'll be listening to this later on today!

jvpinrichardson said...

Thanks Jon. I'm really enjoying this and will be buying more of Drake's music.

I read in Wikipedia that he was in a very serious car accident a few years ago. I assume he has fully recovered. Do you know anything about that?