Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cant Let You Go (Bonus Track)

Last week, the European version of Adam Lamberts album "For Your Entertainment," was released, and it includes a new bonus track titled "Can't Let You Go," that I'm posting, along with 3 other bonus tracks that have been previously released, but we never really posted them! Enjoy!

15 Master Plan (Bonus Track)
16 Down the Rabbit Hole (Bonus Track)
17 Voodoo (Bonus Track)
18 Can't Let You Go (Bonus Track)

Comment if you download.
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yumi said...

Took Can't Let You Go. :)

RealMusicBlog said...

I love that song!! And Master Plan is nice too

Susan said...

Can't Let You Go... another great song, loved it!!

SweetMM said...

Many thanks <3

Xander said...

thank you so much for these.

T-ster said...

Awesome! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm from the Netherlands and since Adam Lambert performed here on a national TV show, I am a huge fan of him! So thank you very much for letting me try out this song, since I'll be getting the album for myself.
I really think he is one of the best contestants ever from this show! :)