Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Under My Skin

Swedens girl group PLAY, who made a pretty big impact in the US, after their single "Us Against the World," became a chart topping hit for them, and after many albums, and then a breakup, they have returned in 2010 to give fans another smash album. The new and revamped group, including former members Anais and Faye, along with a new member, Sanne, are ready to put their mark back into the industry. I BOUGHT this and imported it from Sweden, so if ANYONE posts this on any other blog or forum, PLEASE credit Jon-Wire, or we'll stop with the exclusives. Enjoy!

1. Famous
2. Consequence Of You
3. Show Me What You Got
4. Not the One
5. Under My Skin
6. Trash
7. Second Hand Love
8. Girls
9. When Love Is Bleaching Bad
10. Personal Victory
11. Famous (Elctro Remix)
12. Famous (Club Remix)
13. Consequence Of You (Dance Mix)


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Michael said...

Downloaded thank you Jon

Geoffrey said...

Thanks so much!

By the way, does anybody have any word on Rosie Munter's solo album? I thought I heard that it had come out, but I can't find anything about it

the writer said...

I have review it in my blo wwww.whatmakesmeabitch.blogspot.com
If you want to read it, you should use Google Translation because it is in greek