Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sons of Sylvia, which is currently on tour with Carrie Underwood, and appeared on her "Play On" album has FINALLY released their debut album, and I LOVE it. This album is very country, and it is sure to leave fans of the group pleased, and on the edge of their seat for the tour, and another album. P.S. I noticed (after) I uploaded the album, that I made a mistake. Track 2 should be "Love Left to Lose," so you might want to change that! Enjoy

1. John Wayne
2. Love Left to Love
3. Revelation
4. 50 Ways
5. Song of Solomon
6. Give Me Love
7. Ghost Town
8. Long Beach
9. I'll Know You
10. The War Within


Comment if you download.


Michael said...

Thanks Man!

N8Dogg said...

You are wrong...this album is hardly country, but it is still amazing nonetheless!