Monday, October 11, 2010


This is the debut album from Big Time Rush. At first, I didn't really care for the album, but now, I can't stop listening to it. It gives fans what they want, smooth vocals and upbeat pop songs that will leave fans dancing forever and some beautiful ballads, and even non-fans will find a few songs on this album that they like! Download and judge for yourself. Love it? Hate it? Comment and let us know! Enjoy :)

01 Til I Forget About You
02 Boyfriend
03 City Is Ours
04 Nothing Even Matters
05 Worldwide
06 Halfway There
07 Big Night
08 Oh Yeah
09 Count On Me (feat. Jordin Sparks)
10 I Know You Know (feat. Cymphonique)
11 Big Time Rush
12 Stuck
13 This Is Our Someday


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE SONG WORLDWIDE :) Oh Yeah gets me going too. I'm a little surprised they switched Kendall's and James' verses in Halfway There. It's a little weird, cause I don't get used to it, but still a great song. That was the song that got me into Big Time Rush. haha. Great album! =]