Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sonny With a Chance

These days, almost every Disney Channel show & movie has a soundtrack, "Sonny With a Chance," is nothing different. This is a pretty good soundtrack. It contains songs from Demi Lovato, Sterling Knight, Tiffany Thornton & Allstar Weekend. Download and judge for yourself. Love it? Hate it? Comment and let us know! Enjoy :)

01 Me, Myself & Time - Demi Lovato
02 Hanging - Sterling Knight
03 Kiss Me - Tiffany Thornton
04 What to Do - Demi Lovato
05 How We Do This - Sterling Knight
06 Work of Art - Demi Lovato
07 Come Down With Love - Allstar Weekend
08 Sure Feels Like Love - Tiffany Thornton
09 So Far So Great (Theme Song to "Sonny With a Chance") - Demi Lovato


Comment if your download.
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thank you, sonny with a chance always my favorite