Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick Update From JT

Hey guys!! JT here. I've been reading the tagboard and I've seen some people asking if the blog is dead, because we haven't posted in a little bit. If you've read the tagboard over the past few days, then you'd all know that Jon has had a computer virus, and has not been able to post and upload music. As for me, I've been really sick over the past week, and I lost my voice for the most of that week, and have been resting and trying to get better. I will be uploading some stuff, but they won't be posted until THURSDAY OCTOBER 28, 2010. So please, bare with us, and we'll be posting new stuff soon!

P.S. I'm asking for you guys help! I'm looking for a few albums and I've not been able to find good quality versions. If you guys have the actual CD, would you mind ripping them in iTunes, or any other music program (not Windows Media Player, please) in MP3 @ 320kbps? You can comment with the link here, or email them to me at Thanks :)

B2K - Santa Hooked Me Up
LeAnn Rimes - What a Wonderful World
Jessica Simpson - Rejoyce: The Christmas Album
N*Sync - Home for Christmas



Shaun said...

I have The Leann Jessica And NSYNC rips but leann and jessica are 192 and NSYNC is 256 if you arent able to get the 320 and want them then let me know

Marco said...

Here LeAnn Rimes:


Jwood379 said...

here is NSYNC, I hope the quality is ok for you

Anonymous said...

I just had to comment after reading that he had a computer virus. I've been using mediafire for a while and had gotten viruses that shut down my computer twice. Found out it was because of mediafire. If you keep getting viruses, I'd say its from mediafire. You might want to check into that.

James-Trey Austin said...


I've been using Mediafire for years now, and have yet to contract a virus. It may be some stuff that you'd downloaded on mediafire. It'd say just scan the file with your anti virus program before unzipping or playing the stuff that you've downloaded.

Jon said...

JT! I've been trying to get a hold of you for a while now. My computer is dead and I posted a entry on here about you trying to bring in those people to help out the blog because i'll be away for Work for about 3 weeks.
PLEASE e-mail me at