Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Degrassi Goes Hollywood

Next friday night is the premier of Degrassi Goes Hollywood! The soundtrack was released this week and it's great!! Enjoy!

1. Crash My Party - Cassie Steele
2. Good Year - Keith & Renee
3. My Fair Weather Friend - The Blue Seeds
4. Rescue You - Jake Epstein
5. Watch Out For The Fuzz - Howie Beck
6. Life Is A Show - Cassie Steele
7. All I Wanna Do - The School
8. The Bee Hell - The Two Minute Miracles
9. Swan Song - Jake Epstein
10. Come On & Go - Scout
11. I Just Wanna Party - Studz
12. One Saturday Night Away - Cassie Steele, Michael Seater & The Mewesical High Cast

Comment if you download.
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*ashley* said...

downloaded this, found your link through live are awesome, thanks SO much!