Sunday, August 2, 2009

Re-uploading updates!

Hey guys!!! JT here. Sorry for my lack of updates too. The parent's have been away all weekend, and I've had to watch after the store. It's been a VERY exhasuting thing. But I'm now off for about 5 days.

While I'm off, I'm going to be looking through the blog and find all the deleted files that aren't up for download anymore, and reupload them. But I do need you guys help in doing so! I need people who have a little extra time to comment here, and tell me what YOU guys know is down. This makes the re-uploading process more quicker and easier.

I will start re-uploading tomorrow night. Also, new updates are coming this week.



alxndrgry said...

demi lovato first album is down!


Hayden said...

I would love for these to be re-uploaded:

The Pussycat Dolls: Doll Domination (+ 2nd Disk)
Kellie Picker: Life's Too Short
Johnny & The Sprites Soundtrack
Ashley Tisdale DeGree Girl OMG Jams
Haley Scarnato's first single
Drake Bell: Superhero Song!

Budiyono said...

Michael Johns album is down
We Are The Fallen also down
Daughtry Back Again is also down

can u re upload those?

Budiyono said...

Daughtry UK single version is what i mean from back again, thx JT, and make sure u do download my cousin's Bo's version of inside ur heaven, 10 times only

Devin said...

Mitchell Musso's album is down.
please re-upload!

Laura said...

the new Jonas CD "Lines, Vines, and Trying Times" I think Rob Thomas' "Her Diamonds" may be down, too...but I could be wrong about that one. :)

Hayden said...

Are you going to let us know when you re-upload these? Thanks!

James-Trey Austin said...

Yes guys. They will be NEW posts. I will NOT change links in the original posts. I will make brand new POSTS for them! :)

Michael Johns has been reuploaded :)

Anonymous said...

Cobra Starship's newest CD is down. ]:

JD said...

Can u re-upload b. spears circus cd, its not working..


Geoffrey said...

A couple of the Dream archives are down, as are the David Archuleta bonus tracks.

Anonymous said...