Friday, August 21, 2009

Michael Castro (EP)

Michael Castro is the brother of American Idols' season contestant, Jason Castro. Michael Castro also auditioned for Season 8 of American Idol. Michael just recently released his debut EP, via his website. I purchased the digital and hard copy combo pack, so once I get the CD in the mail, I will post a proper CD-Rip, but this will do til then. It's an acousticish pop EP, and I really like it alot! Can't wait 'til he releases more! Enjoy!

1. Be Yourself Tonight
2. Free
3. Home
4. I'd Rather
5. Perfect Stranger
6. In Search of Tomorrow


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CloudClipper said...

Awesome! Thanks! Can't wait to check this out.

Sa said...

Oh my God i've been a BIG fan of the Castros since season 7. Thank you so much!

T-ster said...


yumi said...

yippee! thanks for this! :)

*jamie* said...
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