Sunday, August 30, 2009

Send It On Challenge (Winners Announcement)

Hey guys, here it is. The moment ya'll have all been waiting for. Again, thanks to all the people who submitted graphics for the contest. Below are the winners, ranging from 1st place to 3rd place. Remember, 1st place winner will have their banner featured all month long for Septemeber, on Jon-Wire only! Congrats to the winners. You can click on each banner for a bigger thumbnail.

1st Place - David
2nd Place - Luis
3rd Place - Kelly


Hayden said...

Congrats, guys! :D

Anonymous said...

I love them!!
They did such amazing jobs. =D

jayda said...

I love them!! :D Congratulations!

~Leslie~ said...

They're great, but #3 doesn't follow the rules... it has words besides "Jon-Wire" & "It's Like Lime-Wire, but Better!"... but it's good.

alexandergray said...

i'm really really really modest but i like the one i submitted more than all of these?!

the graphic in the first one doesn't fit in with the outdoor theme, and the font/color in the second one is too "futuristic/destroyed" and the third one is earthy but it's too wide?!

Hayden said...

I think the third one is ok even with the "extra words," and it's not mine so I'm not like sticking up for myself. It's a really cool recycling theme. They all 3 have awesome fonts, I wish I had found any of those for my submission! h aha

Kelly said...

Hey I made the third one :)
Thanks everyone!
But i just wanted to say that the Friends for Change "extra words" came on the picture that I downloaded from here. The two other winners must have cut it off, but it wasn't mentioned in the rules that the picture had to be cut. Also, there was no limit on size, otherwise I would have made it smaller.
&thanks Hayden! :)

David. said...

i can't believe i won lol, congrats to the other winners :)