Monday, November 1, 2010

Jon Jon

Hey guys it's Jon,
My computer is dead for the time being and I leave for a business trip on Saturday! I will be gone from November 6th to the 21st. Yeah almost a full month.
Hopefully when I return my computer will be fixed.

Since my computer is broken I have no way of contacting JT or anyone. So please JT if you read this please get the other people who you contacted to be part of the blog up and running. That way while i'm gone there are still people posting.

Again, sorry for my absence but it's computer and work related.



Those were the days said...

Sad 2 hear dat dude, but hopefully everything ok, im waiting like every week for d Glee music. BTW u r doin great2 job. keep it up!

Javier said...

"Those were the days" your profile photo is disturbing... O.o