Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Moon Under The Water

Ryan Cabrera is back with his 4th album titled The Moon Under The Water. Ryan seperated from his label in order to release the kind of album he wanted. This is an independant release like his first album Elm Street but has a much wider release. The track I Will Remember you from a few years ago made it onto the album which is great as I love that song, however the track Remember to Remember did NOT make the album. I will upload that track tonight. Enjoy!

1. In Between Lights
2. Enemies
3. Say
4. Rise (The Dog Barks)
5. Sit Back, Relax
6. The Tango
7. How Bout Tonite
8. I Shoulda Kissed U
9. Say You Wille
10. Please Don't Lie
11. I Will Remember You

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