Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We Dance + We Sing

Jason Mraz is releasing a new album titled "We Dance, We Sing, We Steal Things" but before he releases that he is releasing EPs with Special versions of the album songs. So far "We Dance" and "We Sing" have been released and I love the sound of these! His stuff just keeps getting better and better! Enjoy!

We Dance
1. Make It Mine (From the Casa Nova Sessions)
2. Butterfly (From the Casa Nova Sessions)
3. Only Human (From the Casa Nova Sessions)
4. The Dynamo of Volition (From an All Night Session)

We Sing
1. I'm Yours (from the Casa Nova sessions)
2. Live High (from the Avacado Salad sessions)
3. If It Kills Me (from the Casa Nova sessions)
4. A Beautiful Mess (from the Raining Jane sessions)

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Anonymous said...

I took We Dance! Thanks!