Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Artist Spotlight 1: Colton Rudloff

Here is something new I'm going to be starting. Jon-wire's New Artist Spotlight! Everyone once and a while when I come across someone fresh and new that I think you should be exposed to I will do a spotlight.

Our First Spotlight is 19 year old Colton Rudloff. He is currently unsigned. He is amazing. His voice is just pure. Below I have attached, with his permision, some of his Demo songs. Let me know what you think of him! If you visit his Youtube page make sure to check out his AMAZING Dear Mr. President cover.

Colton is currently a finalist in the Total Pop Star competition. Where the judges (Joey Lawrence, Deborah Gibson, and Andrew Van Slee) LOVED him! Joey Lawrence even called him Sexy haha. Vote for him HERE.

1. Lips Of An Angel (Hinder Cover)
2. Gone So Young (Amber Pacific Cover)
3. Home (Daughtry Cover)
4. Summer In B (Amber Pacific Cover)
5. Wordplay (Jason Mraz Cover)
6. Poetically Pathetic (Amber Pacific Cover)
7. Apologize (One Republic Cover)
8. When You Believe (Mariah & Whitney Cover)
9. Over You (Daughtry Cover)

For more Colton Visit His MYSPACE or his YOUTUBE page.

Comment if you download.
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jvpinrichardson said...

I loved the purity of Colton's voice. He is very talented and I hope he gets signed. I'd love to hear him perform supported by a more professional production.

outtamymind77 said...

i can't hear the songs of colton nor download them :(

can you send me them via e-mail ? i would be the happiest person on earth
if you did that for me

my e-mail adress is

thank you so very much in advance