Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ultimate High

Here is Carly Smithson's Pre-Idol album "Ultimate High". She went by Carly Hennessy on the album. I found the album kind of boring, there are a few good tracks in my opinion. Other people I know love it though, so see for yourself! Also check out the cover of Kelly Clarkson's Just Missed The Train. Enjoy!

1. Beautiful You
2. I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind
3. Surface Wound
4. You'll Never Meet God (If You Break My Heart)
5. No One's Safe From Goodbye
6. Young Love
7. I Need A Little Love
8. Get You Off
9. RIP In Heaven
10. All Kinds Of People
11. Just Missed The Train
12. What I've Found

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Kevin said...

I have it, yeah it's kind of boring. but actually, technically, Kelly Clarkson covered Carly because Carly's album came out November 13, 2001 and Kelly's didn't come out until April 15, 2003. Kelly's is better though

anth said...

yeah Kelly covered Carly. I checked that months ago to make sure.

Jerika said...

hi! thanks for sharing this! i was really looking for this album. (: